Refrigerant Leaks


Refrigerant leaks, although straightforward to diagnose, can be challenging
to repair. We wanted to put together a guide that our clients can reference so that
they know their options and what each option requires us as technicians to

So you have a refrigerant leak…what’s the next step?

** Equipment age and type of refrigerant being used will dictate recommended repair options.
R22 systems that are leaking refrigerant should be replaced and performing leak searches on
these units are not performed by American Eagle. Owners of Air Conditioning equipment with
refrigerant leaks should have a timely plan in place in order to take corrective action.**

Option 1: Your service technician can simply add the necessary amount of
refrigerant to bring your air conditioning system to an operational state. However,
if the component that is leaking is not repaired the added refrigerant will eventually
leak out again. Usually this option will get you through a season but there are times
the leak is big enough where we have to come back out within weeks.

Option 2: In addition to adding the required amount of refrigerant needed, your
technician can add a leak sealant to the system. There is not a guarantee that the
sealant will hold, and if it doesn’t the sealant has a UV dye that we can come back
and look for with a blacklight. After searching for the leak with a blacklight we can
then determine where the leak is and replace the leaking component for a more
permanent repair.

** This is our recommended repair option on r410a systems. On r22
systems, we can add the sealant but it is likely that the leak will be in a component
that is no longer able to be purchased. **

Option 3: This option will always be recommend when a system is 15 years old or
is using r22 refrigerant and that is replacing the outdoor condenser, line set and
indoor coil. All new Trane equipment comes with a 10 year parts warranty.
At American Eagle Heating and Air Conditioning we understand that these
repairs are usually unexpected and can be costly. However, it is still our job to give
our clients all possible options and work with whichever one suits the needs of our
clients at that time. We hope our clients find this useful and if any questions or
concerns come about after we leave your home please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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